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     I have to give East Ham Carpet Cleaning Companies a massive thumbs up. I rate their cleaning services incredibly highly and haven't been able to stop raving about them after their recent work in my house.
Martin W19/05/2020
      East Ham Carpet Cleaning hire only the best cleaners and it certainly shows. They do house cleaning in my place, at least twice per month.
Vanessa Wilbur20/09/2019
     I know I hired professional cleaners, but even so, I was amazed my apartment could be cleaned so thoroughly, to such an extent. Carpet Cleaner East Ham and the staff they sent out did a sterling job, one that meant I just had to book them again for another job right away.
Chloe J.22/08/2017
     Of all the cleaning services I've used over the years, I don't think I can quite remember a time when the team have managed to work as quickly or as effectively as Carpet Cleaning Services East Ham. I was one of those short term clients who was in a bit of an emergency mode. They must hate people like me. I needed help fast, but they were here in no time. Before I knew it, they were already done and were really friendly throughout. Very, very happy with the results! Thanks!
Kathy Murphy05/11/2015
      East Ham Carpet Cleaning provided great upholstery cleaning services. I required a thorough clean of my sofas and they were able to provide what I needed. There cleaners were friendly and I was impressed with their knowledge. They made the job look easy but provided the best results I could hope for. They made sure all my sofas were completely clean and looked better than ever. I am fully satisfied with everything they did for me and will happily recommend them to anyone looking for an upholstery clean.
Laura O'Hara31/07/2015
      East Ham Carpet Cleaning were super when I wanted my upholstery and carpets in my office cleaned. The staff members were wonderful and did a safe and competent job. They used eco-friendly cleaning products and good quality equipment to get rid of the dirt and grime. The results were amazing and it didn't cost a fortune. All in all a great deal!
Andrew Parker14/07/2015
     EastHamCarpetCleaners is one of the best things that have happened to my house! I do a fair job at cleaning the entire home - but not nearly as great as my cleaner does it! This company is affordable, reliable and they provide an absolutely amazing service!
Magdalene 17/03/2015
     Working long hours gives me little time to clean my apartment properly and my landlord has had words with me on occasion about not cleaning the oven, or letting mould grow in the shower cubicle. I decided to call professional cleaners in to help me deal with the day to day cleaning duties and the job they have done has been spectacular - the place is always very clean and I'm well on top of the gritty jobs that have to be done every few months or so. I would definitely recommend that anybody use EastHamCarpetCleaners - the service I have had from them has been brilliant.
D. Armstrong30/06/2014
     Hiring a professional cleaning company was the best decision I could have ever made for me and my family. I wanted to find someone who'd be able to tackle everything from my bathroom limescale to everyday tasks such as vacuuming or scrubbing, and I definitely found what I was looking for with EastHamCarpetCleaners. I love showing off my clean and spotless house to all of my friends and relatives now that it looks like a show home! The staff are all really nice and it was obvious how professional they were from the get-go. I love this service!
     When I fell ill my house just wasn't getting the thorough and proper clean it needed to stay sanitary and tidy. I was ashamed to have people over in fear of what they might think of me! I tried my best but I just didn't have the energy to clean my house from top to bottom week-in and week-out. Someone suggested hiring a domestic cleaner and when I saw some of the prices that were offered at EastHamCarpetCleaners I jumped at the chance. I'm more than happy with my cleaner and the job she does for me and my home. I'm no longer worried to invite friends and family over! What a great service!

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